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Category: Exterior – Body Parts Price: $200 Private or Vendor Listing: Private Listing Part fits: Porsche 911 997 Non-Turbo, Porsche Boxter/Cayman.
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Category: Accessories Price: $1 Private or Vendor Listing: Private Listing Part fits: Porsche 911 996 Turbo Location (State): CA Item Condition: Used.
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… cost more money than the cost of car, or probably worth (and if desired, it is better to look at a 944 Turbo has much more potential for more power.) 1986 Porsche 930 Turbo #2 Cond. w/ Performance Mods 4Sale – More info @ my Website …
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See sections below for Porsche classifications internal name: Porsche 911 (1964-1989). Porsche 930 turbo version of the 911 original made in 1975-1989. Porsche 964 (1990-1994). Porsche 993 (1995-1998). Porsche 996 (1999-2005) all new …
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Porsche 930 Blog

Porsche- All Car History Volume 9

Porsche are renowned for producing a high calibre of sports car. The German car makers have succeeded making sports car that are renowned for its quality, reliability and performance. Above all, Porsche is a prestigious sports car that can be used for everyday driving.

The collection of opulent Porsches’ includes the Boxter, Cayman, 911 and the Cayenne series, which are produced in Germany. Porsche have managed to retain the car plant despite other German manufacturers have relocated to other countries chiefly Eastern Europe.


Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche in 1931. Interestingly, he was the engineer for the first Volkswagen created, hence the first Porsche made used machinery from the Volkswagen Beetle. The first model was launched in 1938 and 10 years later the second Porsche was released, the 356. The end of the war saw Porsche participating in motor racing which proved to be highly successful. 1963 saw the launch of the Porsche 911, the most well known model, which is still in production today due to its success by the public and on the race track.


  • Type: Public
  • Founded: 1931
  • Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Key people: Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking, CEO and President
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Products: Cars


  • PORSCHE 911 - a sports car made by Porsche since 1963, the famous rear-engine 911 has undergone continuous development.
  • PORSCHE BOXSTER - mid-engine roadster built by Porsche since 1996.
  • PORSCHE CAYENNE - The Porsche Cayenne is a five-seat mid-size sports utility vehicle produced by Porsche since 2002.


At the Paris Auto Show in 1974, during the height of the oil crisis, Porsche presented the 911Turbo – the world’s first production sports car with exhaust turbocharger and pressure regulator.

In 1996, the one millionth Porsche rolled off the company’s Zuffenhausen assembly line just outside Stuttgart on July 15.

Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche’s grandson, Ferdinand Piëch, was chairman and CEO of the Volkswagen Group from 1993 to 2002. With half of all shares, he also remains the largest individual shareholder of the Porsche company.

Porsche’s 2002 introduction of the Cayenne also marked the unveiling of a new production facility in Leipzig, Saxony, which today accounts for nearly half of Porsche’s annual output.

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Porsche 930 Blog

Porsche Sales Up

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Porsche Cars North America Inc. said Tuesday sales in the U.S. surged 75% to 2,703 vehicles from 1,544 in July 2009. This marks the best single-month sales for Porsche in two years.
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Porsche 930 Blog

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Porsche 930 Blog

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